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MABTS seeks to offer quality theological education through this online learning experience, making it possible for students to participate who cannot attend regular classes at the various campuses.

Students must be enrolled at MABTS in order to take online courses. For admissions information and an enrollment application, go to the main website, www.mabts.edu, or call Mr. Andy Hynes, Director of Admissions, at 1-800-968-4508 or email at ahynes@mabts.edu.

Enrolled students may register for online classes through the regular registration process at the various campuses or by completing the steps for online registration and submitting it to Rose Mink, Registrar, at the main campus. To use the online form, click on "Online Registration" resource at the top, left hand side of this page. If you need assistance contact the Registrar at 901-751-8453 or email at registrar@mabts.edu.


Fees may be paid in two ways:

1. If mailing in your registration form, send a check for the appropriate fees with your registration form. Checks should be made out to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

2. If faxing or emailing your form, you can call the Business Office and pay by credit card. We DO NOT recommend that you email your credit card number as this is not a secure site and the email is not secure.

If you have military or other educational scholarships or have questions, call the seminary business office at 800-968-4508.


A list of available courses is available in the resource at the top, left hand side of this page. Just click on the link labeled "Online Courses." Students may take up to 43 hours of the academic hours required for a Master of Divinity degree or 27 hours toward the Associate of Divinity degree through online courses. Other degree programs may accept up to 49% of degree requirements through the online system. Students may also take additional courses through the main campus or one of the seminary's extension centers.

Generally three to four online courses are offered during each semester of the regular school year.


The seminary catalog is available online at the main seminary website: www.mabts.edu. Northeast campus (New York) students should see the Northeast website www.mabtsne.edu for information and schedules specific to that campus.


The Academic calendar is available in the resources at the top, left hand side of this page. Click on "Academic Calendar." The calendar follows the Cordova campus schedule. If a student primarily takes courses at the Northeast (New York) branch or at any of the extensions, please note the different schedule that applies to your online courses.


Once you've enrolled and registered, you should be prepared to participate in your courses. On the first day of the term, begin the course by going to this website, finding your course in the listing, and log in to the course. You will receive log-in information and a password by email after you have registered.

Courses are organized by weeks. You are responsible for following each instructor's instructions about schedule, work due dates, class methodology, testing, etc. If you have questions about your course during the course, you should contact your professor. If you have difficulty using the website, contact Dr. Matt Akers at makers@mabts.edu.

Moodle, the course management system, offers a variety of course resources, including text lessons, interactive assignments, website links, PowerPoint, excel, audio files, limited video files, chat rooms, forums, and other exciting tools. Your specific course will use whatever resources your professor chooses. Generally, you will click on each resource for each week, in order of appearance, and follow the instructions given by the professor.


The professor is able to check on your participation. You must log in and participate in the class at least three days each week. The Moodle system allows the instructor to know when you log in to each resource and how long you spend with that resource. You are expected to invest at least as much time each week as you would in an on campus class (class time plus homework).


You can go to the seminary website www.mabts.edu and see information about audio files available for download from the seminary chapel worship services.


A signature component to a Mid-America education is participation in the practical missions ministry. Full time students are required to witness to one person each week and to participate in two different ministries each week during the term. Part-time students are required to witness to one person each week and to participate in one ministry each week during the term. You should register your ministries at the beginning of each term with the Practical Missions office. You can view the Practical Missions manual in the "Practical Missions" resource to get an idea of the requirements and the types of ministries that can be approved. To contact the Practical Missions office, call 800-968-4508.

You are required to report your witness and ministry experiences each week through the Practical Missions reporting tool via the main website at www.mabts.edu. The link to Practical Missions is on the main page.

Students who do not complete the Practical Missions and report in a timely fashion may lose academic credit for that term.


A great part of being on the main campuses is Report Hour. During this chapel each Tuesday, faculty and students share their witness experiences. Online students are expected to share their experiences through the practical missions forum that is built in to this online course website. Just log in and go to the Report Hour forum and type in your witness report. (This action does not substitute for reporting Practical Missions activities and witnesses through the Practical Missions reporting system.) You can also view the reports of your fellow students and they can read yours for mutual encouragement. Report Hour is mandatory for all students. Since online students can participate at any time during the week, no report hour exemptions are offered for online students.Every student needs to participate in the virtual report hour online and then you are able to check "present" when you report your practical missions, witnesses, and chapel attendance on the Practical Missions Website each week. Students can also go to the www.mabts.edu website and view the chapel programs each week.


Students and professors using online courses have the right to privacy. To view the privacy policy click on the link below.

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